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The importance of providing harm reduction information and services within the music scene has been gaining prominence in the wake of two drug-related deaths at the Electric Zoo dance festival in New York last month. Though common practice in Europe, U.S. music festivals have only recently begun embracing harm reduction as a strategy to keep people safe and prevent overdose deaths. This involves providing educational materials about drug effects, distributing kits for substance testing, engaging [...]

Most existing medical marijuana operations in Washington could go out of business if the state adopts draft recommendations released this week, while others would have to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional expenses to continue operating. The draft regulatory recommendations, issued by a work group Monday afternoon, seek to fold Washington's medical […]Draft Recommendations Could Wipe Out Many WA Medical Cannabis Businesses, Hike Costs for Others is a post from: M [...]

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The latest Gallup poll found a record breaking 58% of Americans support making marijuana legal, with only 39 % opposed.  Support for legalization has jumped an extraordinary 10 percentage points since last November when Colorado and Washington State legalized marijuana. These results are consistent with other state and national polls, both public and private, in recent months. Ethan Nadelmann, founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, released the following statement: [...]

With Colorado and Washington State launching the regulated marijuana markets approved by the voters in 2012, the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) and the Drug Policy Alliance are hosting an international delegation in Denver this week to learn first hand from Colorado’s experience in enacting and implementing Amendment 64. Comprised of government officials and legislators from Uruguay, México, and Canada, the delegation will be briefed by Colorado and Washington officials o [...]

Dispensaries in Oregon might have to plunk down thousands of dollars to apply for and obtain a business license to operate in the state. A committee tasked with hammering out specifics of Oregon's new dispensary law discussed the issue at a recent meeting, with members floating proposals that would put the cost of getting a […]Oregon Dispensary Fee Proposals: $2,000-$6,000 to Obtain MMJ Business License is a post from: Medical Marijuana Business Daily – Legal, Financial and Dispensary [...]

Earlier this month, students in New Jersey began speaking up against their school district’s drug policy. A fiery debate has occurred throughout the Northern Valley Regional school district of New Jersey over implementing a random drug testing (RDT) policy in the district’s high schools. Parents and adolescents have criticized the policy as invasive to privacy and pre-emptively treating students as criminals. Administrators and supporters responded that the random testings would help [...]

To celebrate the unprecedented momentum of the drug policy reform movement, hundreds of conference attendees of the International Drug Policy Reform conference will participate in a “victory walk” and block party to celebrate the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, as well as recent harm reduction and sentencing reform victories in Colorado. The victory walk and rally will take place on Thursday, October 24 from 1-3 p.m., starting at the 16th Street Mall from the Do [...]

Urge your representatives to lift the ban on federal funding for Syringe Access Programs. Author: Date Published: October 21, 2013 Published by Drug Policy Alliance [...]

Tell President Obama to remedy some of the drug war’s injustices by using his pardon power to pardon drug war prisoners. Author: Date Published: October 21, 2013 Published by Drug Policy Alliance [...]

Next week, the biannual International Drug Policy Reform Conference will take place in Denver, Colorado. This conference promises to bring together a wide range of drug policy and social justice activists to discuss the many issues surrounding current national and global drug policy. This year’s conference, from October 23-26, promises to be very productive and […] [...]

Here are the top drug policy stories that made the rounds this week. Study: Oreos just as addictive as cocaine or morphine “This is not what I became a cop for.” Mexico City moves to legalize marijuana How society should deal with drug use California Lt. Governor to Chair Marijuana Legalization Panel And how about a bonus clip? The Dali Lama supports medical marijuana use View more blog posts. Author: Tommy McDonald Date Published: October 18, 2013 Published by Drug Policy Alliance [...]

Yesterday, Washington finalized the rules that will regulate the sale of recreational marijuana throughout the state. The Liquor Control Board outlined the regulations following a year of research, debate, and hearings. The result is a system very similar to Colorado’s. It requires seed to sale tracking, child resistant packaging, quality control testing done by a third […] [...]

Scores of illegal medical marijuana dispensaries are still cropping up in Los Angeles and hundreds of existing centers that were supposed to close remain open, creating huge business headaches for owners allowed to continue operating under a new law. The fallout of the situation is significant Read MoreIllegal Los Angeles Dispensaries Creating Huge Headaches for […]Illegal Los Angeles Dispensaries Creating Huge Headaches for Legit MMJ Centers is a post from: Medical Marijuana Business Dail [...]

On Tuesday, NBC and Esquire announced the results of a poll conducted by both Public Opinion Strategies and Benenson Strategy Group. The poll asked American voters a series of questions about social, economic, and political issues, and the results indicate a “new American center.” According to the poll, 51% of Americans fall into the new […] [...]

EGG HARBOR—This Friday, October 18th, Compassionate Care Foundation will hold a ceremony to dedicate its soon-to-open medical marijuana dispensary to Diane Riportella, a medical marijuana advocate who lost her battle with ALS last year.  Officiating the ceremony will be William Thomas, CEO of Compassionate Care, and Paul Riportella, Diane’s husband.  The dispensary is located at 100 Century Drive in Egg Harbor Township. Diane was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disea [...]

Over the long weekend, California Gov. Jerry Brown chose to continue the 40 year old failed war on drugs. Brown rejected the national ‘smart on crime’ trend and pragmatic public policy by vetoing SB649, which aimed to give judges and district attorneys the discretion to charge possession of small amounts of illicit drugs for personal use as a felony or a misdemeanor as the case warrants. Brown chose to make no advance towards the federal court order to reduce prison overcrowding. The [...]

Studies have shown that marijuana not only helps fight the symptoms of treating cancer but also the disease itself. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, often gets the credit for battling cancer cells, but a new study shows that THC isn’t working alone. The study conducted at St. George’s University of London, led by Dr. Wai Liu, examined […] [...]

Colorado made history last November when it became one of the first states in the country to legalize marijuana for adults. Support was exceptionally strong in Denver, where 66% of city voters cast their ballots in favor of Amendment 64. Mayor Michael Hancock and his allies on the Denver City Council are now attempting to […] [...]

NEW YORK—Tomorrow, New York City Council member Melissa Mark-Viverito will bring together community members, students, and advocates for a free screening and discussion around the Sundance award-winning documentary, The House I Live In. The film focuses on America’s war on drugs and the profound consequences of our existing reliance on a criminal justice approach to our drug policies. Following the screening, Mark-Viverito will lead a discussion with local community members and organ [...]

SACRAMENTO, CA — Today, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB649, which aimed to give judges and District Attorneys the discretion to charge possession of small amounts of illicit drugs for personal use as a felony or a misdemeanor as the case warrants. The bill, authored by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and supported in the Legislature by some Republicans, as well as most Democrats would have helped reduce prison and jail overcrowding in California and provided savings to the financially-stra [...]

DENVER—Leading advocates for alternatives to the war on drugs will be honored at an awards ceremony on Saturday, October 26, at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Denver. The conference is being organized by the Drug Policy Alliance, the nation's leading organization promoting alternatives to the drug war, and is co-sponsored by dozens of other reform organizations. For a complete list, visit: "Every political movement for freedom and jus [...]

How much money should you shell out for assistance when seeking a medical marijuana business license? It's a question many entrepreneurs are asking in emerging cannabis markets such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nevada and Oregon, where the green rush is in full swing as locals look to capitalize on new business opportunities. Read MoreWant Help With […]Want Help With Your Medical Marijuana Business Application? Plan on Spending $15K-$100K+ is a post from: Medical Marijuana Business [...]

Author: Date Published: October 14, 2013 Published by LA Weekly [...]

In just 25 days, Portland, Maine could become the first East Coast city in the nation to legalize marijuana for adults. On November 5, voters will decide whether to approve a local ballot initiative that would make the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana legal for adults 21 and older. MPP is part […] [...]

A January poll showed that a majority of West Virginia voters support a law allowing medical marijuana in their state, and now their representatives are listening.  The WV Joint Committee on Health recently held hearings into the advantages of medical marijuana, and heard stories from patients around the state who seek its relief.  In addition, […] [...]

By Chris Walsh Last fall, the fear of finding a piece of paper in the mail featuring the words "civil forfeiture" and "asset seizure" kept dispensary owners and their landlords up at night. Fast forward a year, and few MMJ professionals are losing shuteye over the issue. Once the federal government's primary tool for cracking […]Week in Review: Feds Retreat on Forfeiture Cases + Seattle Welcomes Cannabis Businesses (Sort Of) is a post from: Medical Marijuana Busine [...]

Why are some drugs legal and others illegal? Who are the people who make up the drug policy reform movement? What can be done about the violence in Mexico from the drug trade? How should society deal with heroin, cocaine and other illicit drugs? Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, gave a visionary speech where he answered all of these questions and more. The uplifting, thought provoking and often humorous talk was given at the prestigious Nantucket Project two weeks [...]

Why Didn't the Shutdown Cut Funding for the DEA? Sir Richard Branson: The war on drugs is a costly fiasco Drug Testing in Schools Divides North Jersey District Pot for potholes in Michigan? 58% of Texas Voters (yes, Texas) Support Making Marijuana Legal for Adults and Regulating It Like Alcohol Author: Tommy McDonald Date Published: October 11, 2013 Published by Drug Policy Alliance [...]

Josh Sodaitis and Nick Spagnola have already spent $50,000, lined up tens of thousands more in financing and worked 100-plus hours each in an effort to win a license for a dispensary and grow site in the tiny Massachusetts town of Whately. But their money and hard work could go up in smoke instantly when […]$50K Up in Smoke? Entrepreneurs Grappling With Massachusetts Marijuana Moratoriums is a post from: Medical Marijuana Business Daily – Legal, Financial and Dispensary News [...]

Author: Date Published: October 10, 2013 Published by Huffington Post [...]

Trenton, NJ— A new report from the Trust for America’s Health provides support for New Jersey’s approach to dealing with the public health problem of prescription drug abuse.  The New Jersey section of the report finds that New Jersey has the 11th lowest drug overdose death rate in the nation.   The report also ranked states in terms of proactive and effective strategies for addressing prescription drug abuse, giving New Jersey seven on a scale of 10 possible points. [...]

In the 1950s and early 1960s, psychedelic drugs such as LSD were considered promising treatments for a broad range of psychological and psychiatric conditions. Tens of thousands of people were introduced to them in clinical studies, as an adjunct to psychotherapy, or as part of a religious or spiritual practice. By the late 1960s, however, as millions of people experimented with them, psychedelics became symbols of youthful rebellion, social upheaval, and political dissent. By the early 1970s, t [...]

A David vs. Goliath fight is brewing in Washington State between a startup dispensary and a major corporation that is trying to strong-arm the landlord of the building that houses both businesses. Joel Martin, co-owner of 221Rx (pictured) in Conway, Washington, said a local Chevron representative is putting pressure on the family that owns the […]Chevron Pressuring Landlord to Evict Washington Medical Marijuana Dispensary From Shared Building is a post from: Medical Marijuana Business Dail [...]

As with any policy shift, the gradual regulation of marijuana in the United States will have implications for a wide variety of populations. Indeed, the removal of marijuana from the criminal justice system has already started. However, like the recent shift in marriage policies to allow same sex marriage, the impact from a policy change can often be slow to reach the immigration community. This leaves this population in limbo, even after the rest of the country assumes change has happened. Rece [...]

A poll conducted at the end of September shows that 58% of Texas voters favor taxing and regulating marijuana in their state.  Texas currently does not allow marijuana, either recreationally or for medical uses. In fact, an adult faces up to a year of jail time and a $2,000 fine for possession of even small […] [...]

This past weekend, volunteers gathered in Colorado’s Baca County to harvest the U.S.’s first commercial hemp crop since 1957. The crop was grown by Ryan Loflin, a Colorado resident. Hemp, a plant similar to marijuana but with only trace amounts of THC, is used to make cloth, rope, paper, oils, wax, and other products.  According […] [...]

Marijuana prohibitionists have been stirring up controversy since a line of bus advertisements supporting Question 1 in Portland, Maine were revealed on Tuesday.  The advertisements serve to spark interest among voters and pose the question, “Why should adults be punished for making the safer choice to use marijuana over alcohol?“ Opponents, particularly from a group […] [...]

Sundog Pictures announced today it will be holding a special screening of its groundbreaking documentary “Breaking the Taboo,” about the war on drugs, in Washington DC. The screening will be held at 5.30pm on Wednesday, October 9th at the National Press Club at 529 14th St. NW, Holeman Lounge, Washington DC. The special screening will be followed by a panel discussion from 6.15 until 7pm about opportunities to help drug offenders get back on the right path and reduce the burden that [...]

Open Society Foundations (OSF) released a report this summer, Coffee Shops and Compromise, analyzing the history and effect of the Netherlands' drug evolution starting with a revision to the Opium Act in 1976. As a country that’s reached an important junction of consciousness in reforming its’ drug laws, this report deserves a close look. These are three chief lessons the Netherlands learned after decades of evolving drug policy: Decriminalization doesn’t increase drug use [...]

DENVER, CO —Which state will be next to legalize marijuana? What do the Obama administration’s recent announcements about marijuana legalization and mandatory minimums really mean? What are some solutions to the national overdose crisis that takes more lives than car accidents or gun violence? Why do blacks go to jail for drugs at 13 times the rate of whites even though they use and sell drugs at similar rates? What role can faith leaders play in organizing and mobilizing their congr [...]

The government is shutdown. But the DEA is still waging the war on drugs. Tell Congress that funding the DEA should be one of their last priorities. Author: Date Published: October 4, 2013 Published by Drug Policy Alliance [...]

TSA Might Allow You to Board a Plane with Marijuana War On Drugs Catastrophic Failure, BMJ Open Study Finds Canada Ushers in a ‘$1 Billion’ Privatized Medical Marijuana Industry The Militarized US Drug War in Colombia is One Giant Failure There's a New Cocaine Capital in the World Should adult students be allowed to use medical marijuana at California colleges? Author: Tommy McDonald Date Published: October 4, 2013 Published by Drug Policy Alliance [...]

Author: Date Published: October 3, 2013 Published by Huffington Post [...]

I’ll admit it – despite having been in the electronic dance music scene for over ten years and working in the field of drug policy for almost that long, going to Atlanta to volunteer with DanceSafe was my first time providing direct service drug education and harm reduction outreach.  (More on why I went in this blog post.) As with nearly all first times, you get that strange déjà vu-like sense of experiencing something you had already heard about, and in some ways [...]

Thank the organizers of TomorrowWorld for including drug education and harm reduction at the festival. Author: Date Published: October 2, 2013 Published by Drug Policy Alliance [...]

The BBC, Guardian , New York Times and others are reporting the seizure of the anonymous international drug marketplace website Silk Road by U.S. federal agents – despite the U.S. government shutdown. This futile effort to reduce drug consumption and sales is just the most recent example of the drug war theater, designed to get headlines but not accomplish much. It is becoming increasingly common knowledge that the drug war as we know it is a failure. Just this week, research published in the BM [...]

Author: Date Published: October 1, 2013 Published by CNN [...]

Should marijuana be legal everywhere? The founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, Ethan Nadelmann, and the founding director of the UK’s Centre for Drug Misuse Research, Neil McKeganey, are participating in an ongoing online debate over this question. This debate is particularly timely, as the subject of cannabis prohibition has become a major issue in both media and public policy during the past year. With Colorado and Washington legalizing the plant’s recreation [...]

It’s easy to focus on the sensational aspects of the emerging krokodil “flesh-rotting drug” story, but that ignores the most troubling issues around its origins, its popularity and its continued use. Krokodil is the street term for a home-made injectable opioid called desomorphine, a drug with effects similar to, but not as long lasting, as heroin. Desomorphine was first patented in the U.S. in 1932, but the homemade version has risen in popularity in Russia in recent years. De [...]