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3 ways to tell good cannabis from bad cannabis

You’ve done your research. You know which strain of marijuana you want to buy, and you know your preferred method of consumption. However, how do you know what you’re purchasing is actually good?

As a first-time cannabis user, purchasing cannabis online can be challenging as you may spend your hard-earned money on bad buds.

Here’s how to tell the difference between good and bad cannabis.

  1. Color

This is one of the easiest ways to tell if your buds are of high or low quality. Good marijuana is rich in green color, but this depends on the particular strain. For instance, some strains have shades of orange, yellow, purple, and red. But, primarily, your cannabis should be green.

Any cannabis that is brown and appears too dry shouldn’t be consumed as it may contain pesticides, mold, or chemicals.

  1. Smell

The scent of your cannabis can easily tell you a lot about the quality of your cannabis. Remember, the smell is as good as your marijuana is strong. For instance, smelling your cannabis through its packaging bag means your cannabis is of good quality.

Cannabis has a sweet, skunky, herby, and fresh smell that’s always pleasant. However, this may differ depending on the strain you pick, as some have tones of lemon, berries, and grapes. Bad cannabis smells bland and dull and may have a moldy or grassy scent.

  1. Feel

Good marijuana should be sticky, not dry. As for properly cured cannabis, it can be slightly dried but mostly sticky. Most users often confuse soggy or moist buds for sticky buds. Cannabis that is too wet is simply a sign of bad quality.

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