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5 Questions to Ask at Your Marijuana Dispensary

Medicine Man’s marijuana dispensaries are staffed with highly-knowledgeable staff, ready to answer a variety of questions from both new customers and long-term marijuana users. To maximize the safety and pleasure from marijuana usage, we recommend that customers routinely ask the following questions.

“What Do You Recommend?”

No two marijuana users are alike; they have their unique combination of reasons, tolerances, and preferences. Asking a budtender for their recommendation is a great way to start a conversation that will lead to the budtender suggesting products that will serve the customer well.

“How Do I Use the Product?”

Marijuana products have varying forms, mixtures, and potencies. Even two types of the same product can be significantly different based on the balance and potency of the THC and CBD. Marijuana users should always ask the budtender how to use a product that they’re considering using for the first time. And it’s better to ask for a clarification or a memory-refresher than to risk unwanted, unpleasant, or dangerous effects.

“How Strong Is the Product?”

This question is vital due to the variation in tolerances in marijuana users. A high-THC product that is comfortable for a long-time marijuana user can give a frightening or dangerous experience for a new user or a user with a high metabolism. In addition to asking about the potency of the products, marijuana users purchasing products with high concentrations of THC should ask about products with high amounts of CBD in case they need to counteract the effects of the THC.

“What’s Fresh Today?”

The newer a marijuana product is, the longer it will last with proper storage. Well-maintained marijuana products can keep fresh and potent for roughly half a year. However, marijuana products that are left on shelf displays may not have the same shelf life. Buying marijuana products that just arrived can maximize the product’s storage time.

When In Doubt, Ask Any Question

When it comes to marijuana usage, it’s far better to ask what might be a silly question than to have a frightening experience or violate a law. Budtenders can provide a plethora of useful information, often answering follow-up questions before the customers even think of asking them. There are some limits – questions that are threatening in nature and questions that imply that illegal activity will occur are examples – but budtenders can – and should – field a variety of questions regarding marijuana and proper usage.

Medical Man’s marijuana dispensary in Denver is staffed by budtenders that can provide a variety of informational services ranging from simple questions to professional marijuana consulting services.

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