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A Quick Guide About Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are made by isolating the cannabis plant’s trichomes from the rest of the plant’s materials. Trichomes rest on the outer part of the plant, giving the appearance of a frost-like outer layer. The trichomes are vital because they are rich in compounds and substances that provide most of the cannabis plant’s uses and benefits. The two main methods of isolating trichomes from the rest of the cannabis plant is by either physically removing the trichomes or by extraction – utilizing chemicals to strip the trichomes from the plant.

Cannabis concentrates vary significantly due to four factors that determine the types and effects of the concentrates. The parts of the plant that are used to isolate the trichomes affects factors such as the potency of the concentrate. The method used to separate the trichomes – either manual or chemical – strongly dictates the form of the concentrate. The consistency of the concentrate – such as an oil or a powder – provides customers multiple ways to utilize the concentrate.

Marijuana dispensaries sell a variety of cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are not recommended for first-time cannabis users, as cannabis concentrates are highly potent, and many types of cannabis concentrates require special equipment to safely consume. Medicine Man’s marijuana dispensaries in Denver, Aurora, Longmont, and Thornton are staffed with cannabis experts that can recommend products that best suit their customers’ needs and lifestyles. For customers who are ready to safely use cannabis concentrates, Medicine Man can provide the guidance and equipment to make the consumption effective and enjoyable.

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