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All about Drinks Infused with CBD and THC

Consumables are one method of using cannabis products. Most people think of food products when considering cannabis consumables, but beverages are also effective at producing the benefits of cannabis use. Cannabis beverages can be divided into two categories: THC beverages that produce a psychoactive effect, and CBD beverages that relax the customer.

THC-infused drinks come in a variety of types and strengths. Currently, THC-infused seltzers, water, coffee, sodas, and teas are available at many marijuana dispensaries. THC-infused beverages have different strengths depending on the THC content. Small doses – 2.5 milligrams or less – rarely yield a psychoactive effect, but they can calm and relax the customer. The strongest THC-infused beverages – 30 milligrams – provide an intense psychoactive effect, but these strong beverages should be used only by experienced cannabis users. Note that THC-infused beverages should not be mixed with alcohol, as combining the two substances can multiply their effects and endanger the customer.

CBD-infused beverages have a far less psychoactive effect due to the miniscule amounts of THC that they contain. Unlike THC-infused beverages, CBD-infused beverages can be safely mixed with alcohol. And since hemp is in the same family as hops, CBD-infused beer is a popular selection. However, consumption of CBD-infused beverages can cause lethargy.

Medicine Man’s marijuana dispensaries offer a variety of cannabis beverages. Our Denver location currently sells cannabis fruit drinks and sodas in a variety of flavors. Visit one of our locations, and our staff can suggest a beverage with the right strength and effects to meet your needs and preferences.

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