All About Sativa

Cannabis sativa is the class of marijuana whose flowering buds provide invigorating and uplifting effects. While each strain of Sativa is different, the general effect is cerebral, compared to the body-highs of Indica strains. How to remember the difference? Think of Indica by this term: “in-da-couch”–being totally relaxed to the point of wanting to lie down and chill out. S is for Sativa: Sativa gives you a sunny feeling, the urge to create and move, to be social. Sativas are perfect for day-time use. Sativas stimulate. Sour Diesel, Lemon Haze, and Jack Herer are some common strains. There are also Sativa-dominant hybrids, where there are balanced elements of both classes, but the Sativa effect is most potent.

In the growing cycle, sativas have thinner leaves, a lighter color, and longer flowering periods. The buds tend to be less dense. The qualities associated with sativas are relief from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, increased focus, and elevated mood and appetite. Sativas commonly produce a euphoric effect. You might find yourself laughing a lot and feeling mischievous.

Since there are high levels of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC in sativas, some people report feeling paranoid, if the strain is too intense or their body is not amenable to sativas. Others simply feel energized. To understand which strain is right for you, consider the mind-body state you’re looking to achieve and the time of day when you will smoke, then do some research or consult the budtender at your dispensary. Visit our dispensary locations in Denver, Aurora, Longmont, and Thornton for more information and to try our selection of sativas.

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