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All About the Marijuana Plant

Successful cannabis cultivation requires female cannabis plants that can sprout flowers and male cannabis plants that produce pollen. Consumers interested in growing their own marijuana plants or learning more about the makeup of cannabis plants should familiarize themselves with the parts of the cannabis plant.

Anatomy of a Marijuana Plant

The main parts of a marijuana plant are:

  • Flower: The teardrop-shaped petals of female cannabis flowers frequently have trichomes on their surface.
  • Cola: The cola is the main part of the female flower, located near the end of the stem. The cola has the highest trichome concentration on the cannabis plant.
  • Bracts: Bracts are small leaves that shield and protect pollinated cannabis pods.
  • Trichomes: Trichomes look and feel like hairs. They provide limited defense to the female marijuana plant. Trichomes also release the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that make the cannabis plant unique.
  • Node: The node is the area that connects the stem and leaf. Marijuana plants form sacs or pistils from their nodes first, making them useful for identifying whether a marijuana plant is male or female.
  • Fan leaves: Fan leaves perform photosynthesis for the marijuana plant, but they are rarely used in marijuana products.
  • Sugar leaves: Sugar leaves surround the cola and are rich in trichomes. Unlike fan leaves, sugar leaves are suitable for cannabis edibles and concentrates.
  • Stem: The stem circulates nutrients throughout the marijuana plant, provides structural support for colas, and anchors fan leaves to the marijuana plant.
  • Pistil: The pistil is the female reproductive unit of cannabis plants. Only female cannabis plants bloom flowers.
  • Stigma: Stigmas are hairlike structures on bracts. They help trap pollen in place.

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