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Are weed beverages the new edibles?

Cannabis cocktails are becoming more popular since they provide a subtle way to imbibe weed. Additionally, drinking weed cocktails is considered a safe alternative to alcohol, and the plant cannabis sativa has a lot of health benefits to offer.

Some common drinks infused with weed that you can try include sodas, tea, kombucha, and bottled coffee. While marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, some people cannot smoke the drug in public since it’s not welcome in all social situations.

For such individuals, weed drinks are an excellent way to get your high without having to huff and puff in public. What’s more, cannabis cocktails provide a different sort of high from smoking weed. Once you sip on your cannabis cocktail, it travels to your stomach and enters the small intestine.

It mixes with enzymes and gastric juices here, and after some processes, there is the absorption of other nutrients and cannabis compounds into your digestive tract. These make their way into your bloodstream and then enter your liver where all the fun begins.

A stronger high

Drinking cannabis gives you a more potent high than taking a hint from a joint. This is because your liver converts THC to 11-hydroxy-THC, which is a more psychoactive version of it. Taking marijuana drinks is, therefore, a faster way to get high compared to consuming edibles.

It usually takes an average of 30 minutes for the THC to kick in, but this depends on your genetics, the state of your digestive tract and metabolism. Other than a fast absorption rate, with weed drinks, only a small amount of THC is required to feel high.

This way, you can control your dosage and enjoy drinks within a few hours instead of over the course of a few days. Head over to our Denver marijuana dispensary today to get your cannabis cocktails for a great night out.

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