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Ask Your Budtender…

The cannabis world is filled with nuance. We mix science with culture, working terms, and good old fashion fun. It can be hard to understand exactly what some terminology means in general, and for you. It can be even harder when you try to find definitions for things, and they all seem to entwine with each other. Here are some of the most used terms in the cannabis world, ask your budtender for help in identifying what options are right for you.

Indica Cannabis: This cannabis comes out of the Middle East and Asia, historically. They include strains from Afghan roots. They also have physical differences from sativa strains; Indica having more compact flowers. The effects of Indica include a relaxing physical high with a sedative quality. Indica is commonly used for those who have sleeping issues and anxiety.

Sativa Cannabis: This cannabis comes from South America, Africa, and Thailand. These take longer to flower than Indica, so they are usually taller plants overall. Sativa effects produce more cerebral effects instead of physical. Sativa is commonly used for energy and creative highs, and some have a caffeinated quality which can keep you awake, where strains of Indica will encourage sleep.

Hybrid Cannabis: The word ‘hybrid’ refers to a cannabis plant which is a cross between two or more plants. Hybrids happen naturally in wild environments, but all the hybrids that are used by dispensaries, are bred specifically to pull out the most desirable traits in the individual strains.

Exactly which cannabis will do what you want, will change greatly on what type it is and how it is ingested. Ask your budtender to speak with you about which is the best choice for your goals and check out our blog page for more reading on everything cannabis.

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