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Prescription cannabis

How medicinal cannabis can improve your mental health

If you suffer from a mental health issue, medicinal cannabis could help you. In fact, medical marijuana can be highly beneficial for people with depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. However, it’s important to pick the right strain at your local marijuana dispensary. The effects of cannabis vary widely from one strain to another.…
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How to make a cannabis-infused charcoal mask

If life has taken its toll on your face, consider making a charcoal mask infused with cannabis. This will help clear your skin, soothe irritated skin and make your skin look brighter overall. Activated charcoal is known for drawing bacteria, dirt, oil and other yucky stuff out of your pores. It also acts as an…
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best edibles

How to get the most out of your edibles

It’s common to hear people complaining their edibles don’t get them high. Some end up consuming more than is required in an attempt to feel the “kick” only to ruin their experience with marijuana. When your edibles fail to deliver, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something wrong. Chances are the dosage isn’t right for…
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Using cannabis edibles for stress and anxiety

Do you experience intense feelings of uncertainty, fear, and tension daily? Whether its social anxiety, work-related stress, or everyday frustrations, cannabis edibles can help you reduce anxiety and stress. Although a manageable level of stress and anxiety allows you to adopt coping mechanisms that increase your resilience, more stress can weaken you physically and emotionally.…
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Best cannabis near me

Indica, sativa, or by individual strain: how to choose

When choosing a strain from your local Medicine Man marijuana dispensary, you’re generally tasked with deciding between two factors: indica strains or sativa strains (or simply going down the middle route and choosing a hybrid between the two). The differences between the two can be explained, but some believe the only way to know how…
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marijuana research in Denver Colorado

Cannabis can help you sleep better at night

If you are having difficulties sleeping, you might be wondering if cannabis could relieve your insomnia. Fortunately, the answer to that question may be yes, and many people use it to help them get a better night’s sleep. Here’s what you need to know about using cannabis from your local marijuana dispensary if you have…
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marijuana dispensary

The best ways to consume recreational marijuana

Nowadays, there are several ways you can consume marijuana. However, this makes it difficult for people to choose a method they’re comfortable with. Additionally, when it comes to consuming cannabis, it can be hard to identify the “best” form of consumption as it all depends on your needs. For instance, to get “high” quickly, edibles…
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Marijuana dispensary Denver

3 question to ask at your marijuana dispensary

Visiting a marijuana dispensary for the first time can be overwhelming for many consumers. Moreover, with the numerous options of cannabis products available, deciding what you want can be challenging. But, with the right questions in mind, you can make your first consultation calming and straightforward. Asking your marijuana provider questions not only gives you…
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Marijuana nuggets

Mistakes to avoid when using cannabis for the first time

Are you a new cannabis user? If so, you probably have a few questions and concerns regarding marijuana use. While figuring out how to use cannabis isn’t difficult, it’s vital to take the time to educate yourself before using it. This way, you learn how to consume CBD properly, what to expect, and the possible…
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sativa or indica strains of marijuana

Medical marijuana storage tips

While it’s easy to collect your cannabis products from your local Denver marijuana dispensary, it’s important to give thought to how you’re going to store those products once you arrive home. Think about other consumables in your home (such as food and wine), and the parameters you adhere to keep the freshness and quality consistent.…
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cannabis cream

CBD may be beneficial for your immune health

If you’re looking for a natural supplement that can improve the health of your immune system, CBD might be just what you’re looking for. In addition to helping you have a healthy immune system, there are other important benefits of this substance. Here’s what you need to know about how CBD can benefit the immune…
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best edibles

New to edibles? 3 tips for getting it right

One of the most exciting elements in the cannabis industry is edibles, which are growing at a fast pace. In 2018, cookies and candies represented $2.3 billion of the market, and this number is expected to double in the next five years. However, eating cannabis is different from smoking it, and many users aren’t aware…
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