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Look Out for These 5 Cannabis Strains

The cannabis industry is always changing and creating exciting new products. One thing that’s certain is that you’ll never get bored with the many, many cannabis strains out there. Here are five strains you should look forward to. GMO Cookies GMO Cookies have a unique garlic flavor and smell that customers absolutely love. It’s even…
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Incredible Cannabis Discovery: Compound 30x Stronger than THC

If there’s one thing that’s true about the cannabis industry, it’s that it is constantly changing and exciting. The newest development in the industry was the discovery of a new cannabis compound that’s potentially a whopping thirty times stronger than THC. The cannabis plant is complicated and intricate with more than 150 known cannabinoids, some…
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Is Purchasing Delta 8 CBD Illegal in Colorado?

You’re probably already aware that Colorado was one of the first states in the US to legalize recreational and medical marijuana. Since then, the state has been known for lax attitudes toward cannabis products. That’s why it might surprise you to learn that buying Delta 8 CBD is not legal in Colorado. Under current Colorado…
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Medicine Man Budtenders Review Nové Chocolates and Share Edible Tips

Medicine Man is much more than one of Colorado’s favorite cannabis cultivations and dispensaries; it’s a family.  With stores in Denver, Aurora, Thornton, and Longmont, their meticulous focus on high-quality cannabis at the best prices possible helped them grow to become one of the state’s most beloved marijuana brands.  As one of our exclusive retailers,…
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Is There A Correlation Between Potency & Nutrients?

When most customers are shopping for cannabis products, they know to consider the potency of various strains before deciding which to buy. The potency of the strain affects the way the user experiences the products and how strong the effects are. Something cannabis shoppers may not put a lot of thought into is the nutrient…
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Best Way To Clean A Dab Rig

Best Way To Clean A Dab Rig A dab rig is a type of water pipe used to vaporize cannabis concentrates. If you use one, it’s important to keep it clean so you don’t compromise the purity of your concentrates or even risk your health. If you don’t properly clean your dab rig, the rig…
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Everything You Wanted To Know About Edibles

Edibles have been around for a while but recently, they’ve seen a huge surge in popularity. If you’ve been hearing about edibles and want to know what all the fuss is about, keep reading. So what are edibles? Edibles are cannabis products that you eat or drink to experience the mind and body effects of…
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How to Make Cannabutter: Cannabis-Infused Butter

Edibles provide the same desirable effects as other cannabis products while being more versatile and lasting longer. Cannabutter, cannabis-infused butter, delivers on all those fronts and more. Here’s how you can make it yourself in two basic steps. Step 1- Decarbing (Decarboxylation) Start by preheating your oven to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Take 0.5 ounces of…
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London Pound Cake: The Ideal Dessert Cannabis Strain?

Avid marijuana users are often looking for the next best product. And since the industry is always innovating and coming up with great new strains and products, customers have plenty of variety to choose from. London Pound Cake is the next strain you need to try.  What is London Pound Cake? London Pound Cake is…
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How Cannabis is Supporting Social Equity in Colorado

Colorado officials have announced a new office, the Cannabis Business Office (CBO) aimed at supporting the marijuana industry.  Governor Jared Polis (D) wrote in a press release that the office “shows our administration’s focus on growing this thriving industry that supports jobs and our economy.” Specifically, the new CBO office will seek to foster new…
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Colorado Attorney General Calls for Protection of Small Marijuana Businesses

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser (D) recently wrote a letter to congressional leaders regarding the future of the cannabis industry.  The prospect of federal marijuana reform is looking more and more likely each day but small Colorado marijuana businesses may not rejoice. Weiser expressed his concern that Big Tobacco and other industry giants could overtake…
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Half of Americans Have Tried Cannabis

How popular and mainstream is cannabis exactly? The answer appears to be very.  A new poll from Gallup found that almost half of Americans, 49%, have tried marijuana. That’s a significant increase from previous rates of marijuana use which lingered in the 30% range for decades.  This increased percentage of Americans trying marijuana can likely…
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