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All the Good about Pre-Roll Joints

One of cannabis’ greatest strengths is the variety of forms in which cannabis users can consume it. For experienced users, assembling and preparing their cannabis using the marijuana flowers and associated equipment can be a rewarding experience. For users that seek a simple and easy alternative, pre-rolled joints are a highly recommended alternative. Like any…
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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know about Marijuana Measurement

Ordering the right quantity of marijuana can be one of the most confusing aspects of cannabis purchases, especially for new or inexperienced users. Beginners and casual users should get comfortable asking for “eights,” and more experienced users should familiarize themselves with the terms and amounts associated with different orders to best meet their needs. Marijuana…
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What Is Kief And How to Use It

The flower of the female marijuana plant holds most of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, the chemicals responsible for the highs or the relaxing effects of marijuana. Kief is a key component of the flower, and customers and bud-masters who know how to gather and apply kief can dramatically enhance their marijuana experience. Kief’s Function…
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What Is A Dab Pen?

Inhaling vapor is an increasingly popular way for marijuana users to consume their products. One product that can convert concentrated cannabis into vapor is the dab pen. For experienced marijuana users, a dab pen can lead to an intense cannabis experience. Anatomy of a Dab Pen A dab pen is often shaped like a cigarette…
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Sublingual THC: What It Is and How to Consume It

The type of marijuana product significantly alters its properties and effects. Marijuana users seeking quick, potent products often consider sublingual cannabis because of its high concentration of active chemicals and speed of absorption. What Is Sublingual Cannabis? Sublingual cannabis describes any marijuana product that is placed under the user’s tongue for quick absorption. Tinctures, sprays,…
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How To Use Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is a type of twine made from hemp fibers and coated in beeswax. Hemp wick is becoming a popular alternative to butane lighters and heat sources for marijuana users. Proper storage and usage of hemp wick can lead to stronger flavors for marijuana products. Benefits of Hemp Wick Hemp wick burns slowly, which…
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To Grind or Not to Grind

There is no single answer to the question: “Should I grind this cannabis flower?” The answer depends on a variety of factors, with the most important item to consider being the intensity of the effect that the consumer seeks. Our budmasters will gladly provide complimentary recommendations based on the consumer, their cannabis goals, and the…
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Terpenes Basics

Multiple factors separate the types of cannabis plants, including THC concentration, CBC concentration, and physical appearance. Terpenes are another factor which render cannabis strains unique. Most plants have terpenes, but the wide array of terpenes associated with cannabis plants is a prime way to differentiate strains. What are Terpenes? Terpenes are hydrocarbons in plants’ essential…
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Marijuana Wax AKA Dabbing Basics

Marijuana wax is a powerful cannabis product geared for experienced consumers seeking an intense high. However, careless use of marijuana wax can lead to severe side-effects, so consumers must use the utmost caution. Precautions to Take with Marijuana Wax Marijuana wax has THC concentrations ranging from 70% to 90%, and it is dangerous to make.…
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Cannabis Drinks Versus Traditional Edibles

Cannabis drinks and cannabis edibles are a great solution for consumers who need to discretely partake of marijuana. However, these types of cannabis products require some considerations. One of the most important aspects to examine before purchasing and using these products are their potencies and activation times. Cannabis Drinks Cannabis drinks are available in a…
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All About the Marijuana Plant

Successful cannabis cultivation requires female cannabis plants that can sprout flowers and male cannabis plants that produce pollen. Consumers interested in growing their own marijuana plants or learning more about the makeup of cannabis plants should familiarize themselves with the parts of the cannabis plant. Anatomy of a Marijuana Plant The main parts of a…
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What Are CBD Oils?

One of marijuana’s biggest strengths is the variety of ways a marijuana user can consume it. One method is to distill the main ingredients in the marijuana plant into oils which can be mixed into other products or consumed directly. CBD oils are a preferred method for users that want a less intense, less psychoactive…
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