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All About the Marijuana Plant

Successful cannabis cultivation requires female cannabis plants that can sprout flowers and male cannabis plants that produce pollen. Consumers interested in growing their own marijuana plants or learning more about the makeup of cannabis plants should familiarize themselves with the parts of the cannabis plant. Anatomy of a Marijuana Plant The main parts of a…
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What Are CBD Oils?

One of marijuana’s biggest strengths is the variety of ways a marijuana user can consume it. One method is to distill the main ingredients in the marijuana plant into oils which can be mixed into other products or consumed directly. CBD oils are a preferred method for users that want a less intense, less psychoactive…
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Tips for Using Cannabis Topicals

One of marijuana’s greatest assets is the variety of ways that marijuana users can intake marijuana. Topicals are a marijuana product that users rub directly onto their skin. However, care must be taken to both prevent unwanted consequences and to maximize the effectiveness of the marijuana topical. Apply Directly to the Sore Area Marijuana users…
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Cooking with Cannabis

One of the most subtle ways to consume marijuana is to include it as an ingredient in foods. However, marijuana must be activated through a multi-step process; raw marijuana has no effect. For chefs experimenting with marijuana, we’ve compiled a list of tips to maximize the effects of marijuana in food. Select the Correct Strain…
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What Are Sativa Strains?

The three most common strains of marijuana plants are sativa, indica, and hybrid. Indica plants are associated with sedative and relaxing effects, whereas sativa plants are used for their stimulating effects. Hybrid strains provide both effects due to the balance of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoids (CBD). Medicine Man sells all three types of strains at…
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When in Doubt, Ask Your Budmaster

Due to the many forms and potencies of marijuana products, even a long-time marijuana user can get confused quickly. Fortunately, budmasters who operate in marijuana dispensaries can provide a wealth of knowledge and guidance to customers. With regards to marijuana usage, there are virtually no stupid questions to ask a budmaster as long as marijuana…
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How to choose the best recreational cannabis strain

If you will be visiting a marijuana dispensary, you might be wondering what strain you’ll pick out. Luckily, there are many excellent options to consider. Here’s what you need to know in order to pick out the right recreational cannabis strain: Consider when you’ll be using it If you will be using cannabis early in…
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The Difference Between THC and CBD

THC and CBD are the active ingredients in marijuana, with potencies ranging from mild edibles to chemical-dense concentrates. Though both THC and CBD have the same chemical formula – which include 30 hydrogen atoms, 21 carbon atoms, and 2 oxygen atoms – the effects that they have on humans are vastly different. Knowing their effects…
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5 Questions to Ask at Your Marijuana Dispensary

Medicine Man’s marijuana dispensaries are staffed with highly-knowledgeable staff, ready to answer a variety of questions from both new customers and long-term marijuana users. To maximize the safety and pleasure from marijuana usage, we recommend that customers routinely ask the following questions. “What Do You Recommend?” No two marijuana users are alike; they have their…
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How to Keep Your Marijuana Properly Locked Up

Marijuana – like any other drug – can cause serious injury or death to those who unsuspectingly take it. And marijuana users could lose their money to factors such as mold, mildew, and theft. To prevent or counteract complications that could jeopardize marijuana experiences, marijuana users need to take precautions to ensure that their purchases…
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Trying Edibles for the First Time

Marijuana users seeking more variety and subtlety in their products can meet their needs with edibles. Edibles are nearly indistinguishable from standard food products, and edibles come in a variety of forms, including cereal, jerky, and gummy candies. However, edibles can catch marijuana users – especially first-time users – unawares due to their potency and…
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What are the side effects of edibles?

If you are considering trying edibles from a marijuana dispensary, you may be wondering what the side effects of them are. Fortunately, they do not tend to cause any significant side effects for most people, and any side effects that occur are similar to ones that smoking cannabis can cause. Furthermore, you’re only likely to…
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