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Legal cannabis

Changes to expect in Colorado marijuana in 2020

This will be the seventh year of recreational marijuana sales in Colorado, and it will be a fascinating one for both the consumers and the providers. This is because of the new laws that allow for weed delivery and social consumption establishments as well as more product testing. Here are some of the changes to…
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cooking with Cannabis

Why you should cook with cannabis

Yes, you can cook up your own edibles! Cooking with cannabis is a fun hobby for many clients of your favorite Denver marijuana dispensary. They get all the benefits of the plant combined with the flavors and foods they enjoy, either sweet or savory. There’s no funky smoke to worry about — just relax and…
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sativa or indica strains of marijuana

The Differences Between Indicas And Sativas

If you use medicinal cannabis from a marijuana dispensary, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with some of the differences between indicas, sativas, and hybrids. However, the differences between these strains are more complex than you may realize and will affect the high whether you’re smoking cannabis or taking it orally. <h2>How do the…
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How To Choose The Right Strain For Your Edibles

If you use cannabis in edible form, there are certain strains that are likely to be especially well-suited to your needs. As with the effects of smoking cannabis, the effects of edible cannabis will partially depend on the strain that you choose from your marijuana dispensary. How do the effects of edibles differ from one…
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Marijuana financial impact in Denver Colorado

How legalizing Marijuana changed Colorado in 2019 and beyond

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana use in Colorado, the state is benefitting in several ways. One of them is that tax revenues have grown drastically in 2019. Even state officials were surprised at the significant rise from marijuana sales. For its first year (2008) as a legal recreational drug, marijuana earned the state $1.2…
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marijuana research in Denver Colorado

Colorado’s legalization has led to more research that’s improving marijuana

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has led to more cannabis research in the state. Much of it is being done with locally grown cannabis, which will directly benefit people buying from a marijuana dispensary in the Denver area. That’s because medical and recreational cannabis that’s grown in Colorado cannot be sold outside the state.…
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marijuana beverages

Are weed beverages the new edibles?

Cannabis cocktails are becoming more popular since they provide a subtle way to imbibe weed. Additionally, drinking weed cocktails is considered a safe alternative to alcohol, and the plant cannabis sativa has a lot of health benefits to offer. Some common drinks infused with weed that you can try include sodas, tea, kombucha, and bottled…
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Marijuana In the United States

A Beginner’s Guide to Weed Consumption

You may wish to partake in some marijuana, but do you know how to go about getting marijuana products? The marijuana industry is expected to hit $31.4 billion in 2021. The boom in the marijuana industry is due to the versatility of marijuana as a medical and recreational drug. A marijuana dispensary is a common…
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best flower near me

Hybrids: The Best of Indica and Sativa

“Hybrid” cannabis includes sativa and indica strains, as well as THC and CBD. Some well-known examples are Blue Dream, Jilly Bean, Dutch Treat, AK-47, Gorilla Glue, White Widow, and OG Kush. Kush strains are perhaps the most common hybrid variety available. Hybrids often provide a balanced combination of indica and Sativa effects. Since hybrids are…
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All About Sativa

Cannabis sativa is the class of marijuana whose flowering buds provide invigorating and uplifting effects. While each strain of Sativa is different, the general effect is cerebral, compared to the body-highs of Indica strains. How to remember the difference? Think of Indica by this term: “in-da-couch”–being totally relaxed to the point of wanting to lie…
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marijuana recreational and medical

Medical marijuana vs Recreational marijuana in Colorado

There are two ways to obtain legal marijuana in Colorado, medically and recreationally. As of 2019, medical marijuana is available in thirty-three states and Washington DC. There are eleven states (and DC) where recreational marijuana is legal. In Colorado, we have both. There is no difference in quality or general characteristics between medical and recreational…
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