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Cannabis is more than THC and CBD levels

When it comes to buying cannabis products, many people focus solely on the CBD and THC levels. While these two play a major role in the cannabis strain you choose, they shouldn’t be your only concern. Shopping for marijuana based on CBD or THC is like ordering drinks based on their alcohol content.

The flavors, aromas, and effects of a plant have an impact on how enjoyable your cannabis experience will be. Therefore, without ruling out CBD or THC levels, try factoring in other conditions such as your health, the type of cannabis strain, and even genetics.

So, how do you choose the right cannabis for you?

This depends on many factors. For instance, if you want to get high, you may want to select a cannabis strain with a higher concentration of THC. However, as mentioned earlier, consider other factors such as how long the “high effect” lasts or how long it takes for the effects to kick in.

For edibles, they take longer to kick in, but once they do, their effects last for a long time. In contrast, if you smoke, you’ll quickly experience the euphoria effect, but it won’t last as long as edibles.

Alternatively, to avoid the euphoria effect, you can opt for cannabis products with a higher CBD concentration. Such strains are commonly used to relieve the symptoms of certain conditions such as cancer. However, THC is also known to have medicinal benefits and can help relieve pain and inflammation.

Ultimately, it’s wise to visit a Denver marijuana dispensary so that you can speak to a professional who can advise you accordingly. This way, you get the right strain for your body and needs, making the entire buying process easier for you.

Remember, you may have to try out a few different strains before finding one that’s perfect for you. Contact Medicine Man Denver today to purchase your cannabis.

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