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Cannabis products on the rise in 2020

The industry surrounding cannabis products continues to expand each year, and so does its marketing efforts. For example, local dispensaries in states where marijuana is legal are now selling various cannabis products to consumers to ensure they have a pleasant cannabis experience.

In Colorado, dispensaries can sell both medical and recreational marijuana for smoking vaping, eating, drinking, and ingesting through the skin. However, some cannabis products are more prominent than others. But, you still need to research on all products to identify what suits your needs.

Here are some cannabis products that are on the rise this year.

  1. Cannabis oil

Cannabidiol is the most famous cannabis product found in the market today. It can be taken orally or through a vape, and both methods deliver the desired impacts of marijuana. However, this differs depending on the duration and time it takes.

For example, oral cannabis oil takes around thirty minutes for you to feel its impact. Cannabis oil is commonly used as medical marijuana since it provides relief to patients with cancer and epilepsy.

  1. Cannabis beverages

Cannabis drinks range from non-alcoholic to alcohol-based beverages that you can enjoy at your local bar or the comfort of your home. For example, you can get cannabis-infused coffee or lemonades at any licensed shop in your state.

  1. Cannabis chocolate

Cannabis edibles are on the rise as they are more potent than other marijuana methods. Cannabis chocolates have, thus, become a popular treat because they provide a more “refined” way to consume marijuana.

  1. Cannabis gummies

Cannabis gummies are also prominent edibles since they are discreet. This makes them perfect for individuals that want to consume marijuana in public places without facing ridicule.

Need cannabis products?

At Medicine Man, we sell all of the cannabis products above. If you’re in Colorado, you can visit our Denver marijuana dispensary to purchase our cannabis products.

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