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Changes to expect in Colorado marijuana in 2020

This will be the seventh year of recreational marijuana sales in Colorado, and it will be a fascinating one for both the consumers and the providers. This is because of the new laws that allow for weed delivery and social consumption establishments as well as more product testing.

Here are some of the changes to expect in 2020 for marijuana in Colorado.

  1. Social use

Last year, a law was passed by the Colorado Legislature that allows restaurants, music venues, and events to apply for social pot-use. This way, you can enjoy your marijuana at your local bar or eatery without any fear.

However, your local government or jurisdiction also has to allow this, for it to be legal. Once you get your social consumption license, you can apply for limited pot sales, but can’t have an active liquor license.

  1. Selling of hemp in dispensaries

Not long ago, any CBD product sold in dispensaries had to come from cannabis, and hemp-based products had to be imported. Luckily, in 2020, marijuana dispensaries can sell fiber products and consumable CBD from industrial hemp.

However, they need to pass the same contaminant testing and potency that marijuana products undergo. Come July 1, 2020, dispensaries can sell consumable cannabis products that contain CBD and industrial hemp.

  1. MMJ Rules

In 2019, medical marijuana advocates pushed to add any conditions that prescribe opioids to the list of medical marijuana conditions in the state. They also passed a law to permit more dentists, registered nurses, and psychiatrists to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment for a shorter term.

These rules will have a significant impact in 2020 since they went into effect in 2019.

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