Cleaning A Dab Rig

How To Clean A Dab Rig

A dab rig is a type of water pipe used to vaporize cannabis concentrates. If you use one, it’s important to keep it clean so you don’t compromise the purity of your concentrates or even risk your health.

If you don’t properly clean your dab rig, the rig water can host bacteria and fungi that start to fester. You don’t want that. Inhaling these pathogens could lead to respiratory harm or other health problems. With that in mind, here’s the best way to clean your dab rig.

Start with some key ingredients and materials:

  • Water
  • A pot or kettle
  • Rubbing alcohol (above 85% isopropyl alcohol)
  • Coarse sea salt or rock salt

Once you have these ingredients and materials ready, start boiling some water in the pot or kettle. You just need enough to fill the dab rig with some space left over. Once the water boils, bring it off the heat and let it sit for a moment.

In the meantime, pour some rubbing alcohol into your dab rig. You probably only need about a quarter of a cup or less. With the rubbing alcohol, add in some rock salt, too. Shake the dab rig vigorously to let the mixture cover the entirety of the inside of the piece.

After shaking, pour in some of the hot water and shake again. Then dump everything out and your dab rig should be crystal clear.

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