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Common mistakes people make when they’re baking edibles and how to avoid them

Edibles from your local marijuana dispensary will affect you differently than cannabis from a joint or vaporizer. In addition, there are mistakes that you can make when creating edibles, which will make them less potent. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that people make when they’re creating edibles:

  1. Not using high-quality cannabis

Many people believe that quality doesn’t matter as much when it comes to edibles. However, you should use high-quality products for all methods of using cannabis.

Sativa’s that are baked into edibles still tend to cause more cerebral effects than Indica strains. This is because sativa strains contain a high level of THC, which tends to cause a strong head high.

However, Indica strains contain a significant amount of CBD and other cannabinoids, which alters the way that THC affects you. As a result of these interactions, Indica strains tend to produce a stronger body high than sativa’s.

  1. Not using enough fats

The THC in cannabis binds to fats. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have enough butter or oil in baked edibles, which will ensure that the THC makes it into the final product. The fats are needed to convert the THC into a form that’s active. Here are some examples of materials that can bind to and activate oral cannabis when cooked:

  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Canola or olive oil
  • Other products with high-fat content, such as ghee
  1. Taking too much

Edibles affect you much longer than smoked or vaporized cannabis. In fact, they can affect you for 6-10 hours. The specific duration depends on the amount of cannabis consumed and the individual taking the edibles. However, oral cannabis takes 1-2 hours to kick in. So, don’t take more right away if you aren’t feeling it. High doses of edibles can be very overwhelming for many people.

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