Do I need a break from Cannabis?

Do you need to take a break from cannabis? While you don’t necessarily have to take a break, there are some benefits to doing so. A tolerance break can help you get more out of your cannabis if you’ve smoked for a good amount of time. That’s because it is possible for you to build up a tolerance to THC. When that occurs, you have to smoke more to get the same feelings of relief.

Why Take a Break?

There’s no medical reason why you need to take a break from using cannabis. However, it can help you save money. Taking a break essentially resets your body’s tolerance for cannabis. This means you’ll be able to smoke a smaller amount but get the same high you’re getting today. You won’t use as much cannabis, so you can save some money.

How Long Should Your Break Be?

Determining how long to take a break depends on how long you’ve smoked and if you want to fully reset your system. If you want to completely flush your body of THC, the bad news is that it will take you about three weeks. THC attaches itself to fat cells, and the body stores them longer than most other types of cells. You’ll need to go 21 days without using cannabis to ensure that your body is fully flushed.

However, that can be stressful for those who use cannabis to deal with pain, PTSD, or other conditions. While you may not be able to remove all of the THC from your body, taking a break for a week and a half or even a week will help flush out some of it. You may notice that cannabis does affect you more after even a short break.

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