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Half of Americans Have Tried Cannabis

How popular and mainstream is cannabis exactly? The answer appears to be very. 

A new poll from Gallup found that almost half of Americans, 49%, have tried marijuana. That’s a significant increase from previous rates of marijuana use which lingered in the 30% range for decades. 

This increased percentage of Americans trying marijuana can likely be attributed to the changing laws regarding cannabis products. As public sentiment on marijuana has become more positive over time, the laws restricting its use (at the state and federal levels) have eased, too. 

Perhaps surprisingly, the percent of adults in each generation of Millennials, Gen X, and Baby boomers who had tried marijuana all hovered around 50%. The only generation that had a significantly lower rate of trying marijuana (19%) was the Traditionalists, born before 1946. 

In terms of how many Americans actively smoke marijuana, that percentage has remained fairly stable over time. In 2021, twelve percent of respondents claimed to actively smoke marijuana which is less than the percentage in 2013 by one percentage point and the same as the percentage in 2019. 

Of course, these numbers may be skewed by the use of the word “smoke” rather than accounting for other forms of delivery like edibles and vapes. 

The survey also indicated that 68% of respondents favored legalizing cannabis for adults. That’s a higher percentage than any previous Gallup polls had found. 

All this information adds up to an exciting time for marijuana users and the cannabis industry. 

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