How Long Until My Edible Kicks in?

Marijuana edibles are a popular means of consuming cannabis due to their discretion and variety. Cannabis users can eat or drink a variety of snacks, teas, and juices to ingest the active chemicals. However, cannabis users need to understand that most edibles have longer activation times and durations than other forms. Because of this, both new and experienced users should have at least a general idea of how long both the activation time and duration will be.

The Correct Answer: It Depends

Cannabis edibles must be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream before their effects activate. Though conventional wisdom states that this can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours, many factors can catalyze or forestall the edible’s effects. Cannabis users with higher metabolisms will feel the effects of the edibles sooner. Some edibles are sub-lingual in nature – such as lollipops/suckers and lozenges – and can activate quickly, especially when placed underneath the tongue. And cannabis beverages are absorbed both sub-lingually and though digestion, with effects occurring as quickly as 15 minutes after drinking them.

Be Patient, and Plan Ahead

Impatient cannabis users risk exposing themselves to high amounts of cannabis by consuming additional edibles before the first edible takes effect. This can lead to undesirable side effects since many edibles have high concentrations of THC – the chemical responsible for the “high.” Cannabis users should allocate at least five hours of free time before consuming an edible – two hours for activation, and three hours for the duration of the effect. We also recommend having cannabis products with high CBD concentrations to counteract the effects of an unpleasant “high.”

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