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How to Incorporate Cannabis into Your Cooking

Eating food that contains cannabis is one of the most popular ways to enjoy cannabis and for good reason. Edibles are easy to use and you can even make them yourself. Here’s how to incorporate cannabis into your home cooking.

Start by deciding which strain of cannabis you’d like to add to the food you make. Each strain has a unique flavor and produces different effects, so you have lots of opportunities to mix and match.

From there, it’s time to decide how you’re going to incorporate your selected strain into your cooking. One of the most popular methods is by making cannabutter (cannabis-infused butter). Cannabutter is useful because butter is such a common ingredient. Anything you’d make with butter you can make with cannabutter.

If you choose to go the cannabutter route, you’ll have to decarboxylate your cannabis. This is the process of activating cannabis so you can get the maximum benefits from it. The decarboxylate process will take a few hours as you heat the buds on a low heat in your oven.

Once you do that, you should melt a pound of unsalted butter in a saucepan with two cups of water. After the mixture hits a rapid simmer, add in the decarboxylated cannabis. You’ll leave this to cook on a slow simmer for about five hours, stirring each hour.

When the time is up, pour the cannabutter into a glass container and leave it to cool. Now you can add it to any of your recipes!

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