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How to Keep Your Marijuana Properly Locked Up

Marijuana – like any other drug – can cause serious injury or death to those who unsuspectingly take it. And marijuana users could lose their money to factors such as mold, mildew, and theft. To prevent or counteract complications that could jeopardize marijuana experiences, marijuana users need to take precautions to ensure that their purchases remain out of the hands of others and retain their freshness.

General Storage Practices

The best environments for marijuana storage are cold, dark locations. Sealed glass jars will keep marijuana products fresh and prevent mold growth. Weed stash boxes with locking mechanisms are a must for marijuana users who live with those who do not – or legally cannot – use marijuana. And marijuana users with sufficiently high financial reserves should consider purchasing a marijuana humidor to maintain optimal humidity levels for their marijuana products.

Preventing Minors from Accessing Marijuana

Marijuana users with children should avoid keeping edibles in their homes. Many types of edibles are indistinguishable from standard sugary treats such as cookies and gummy candies, which can lead to children mistaking edibles with a snack that’s safe for them. Storing marijuana products in high places with low visibility will lower the chances of children finding the marijuana products. Securing marijuana products in lock boxes or locked cabinets is the best solution, but parents and guardians need to ensure that the keys and combinations remain out of the reach of their children. And parents and guardians should check with their guests to ensure that their company does not introduce unsecured marijuana into their home where the children can get it.

Let Medicine Man Provide Marijuana Counseling

Medicine Man’s marijuana dispensary in Denver provides several services, including marijuana consultations. In addition to advising customers on how to keep their families and products safe, we can recommend products that are best suited for our customers’ lifestyles.

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