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How to Roll the Perfect Joint

Rolling the perfect joint is something that can take new marijuana users a little time to grasp. Fortunately, it’s not really that difficult once the user has practiced it a few times. The first step is to gather all the of the required materials: cannabis, rolling paper, a grinder, a rolling tray, a filter, and a pen or other object to use to pack the joint.

Prepare the Marijuana and Crutch

The first step is to grind the marijuana. This is usually done with a grinder, but it can be done with a knife, mortar and pestle, or one of several other ways.

Next, prepare the crutch. This is the mouthpiece of the joint. While some do say this is optional, it does help keep the smoker from getting burned and helps the joint keep it’s shape. The crutch is usually made out of paper that is heavier than standard rolling paper. Some rolling papers come with crutches, plus special crutch paper is available. To make the crutch, take a business-card-sized piece of heavy paper and made several accordion folds on one of the ends. Then roll it up.

Make the Joint

Take the rolling paper, gently hold it glue-side down and fold it in the middle. Open it up and fill the crease with cannabis. Next, insert the crutch at one end. Roll the paper gently back and forth to create the shape of the joint. Once it’s fully rolled up, lick the outer part of the paper where the glue is. Use it to seal up the joint, but leave the end open.

Finally, use the pen or other thin tool to press the marijuana down, packing it in to the crutch side of the joint. Twist the paper around the open end to close the joint. It can now be smoked!

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