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Indica, sativa, or by individual strain: how to choose

When choosing a strain from your local Medicine Man marijuana dispensary, you’re generally tasked with deciding between two factors: indica strains or sativa strains (or simply going down the middle route and choosing a hybrid between the two). The differences between the two can be explained, but some believe the only way to know how a particular strain will affect you is to try it out.

Indica strains and sativa strains

Indica strains are generally well known for their ability to affect the body. This means they are useful for decreasing pain, enabling muscles to relax, and controlling physical symptoms for a wide range of disorders. They can be very helpful for getting to sleep. Shaw Bud #3 is a popular indica strain that produces a classic pain relieving, sleep-inducing effect, as an example.

Sativa strains, on the other hand, are best known for inducing creativity and energy. One of the most popular 100 percent sativa strains is Jack Herer. It produces its effect by simultaneously relaxing the body and stimulating the mind.

Is there really a difference?

The line between sativa and indica strains can be blurry at times. Cookies and Cream is a 100 percent indica strain that produces a euphoric, creative effect more similar to traditional sativa. The difference in effect is caused by the unique lineage that each strain has.

Further blurring the line is a recent study which found that there is no biological difference between strains that are indica and strains that are sativa. This leaves the distinction essentially down to cultural tradition.

Regardless of which strains are considered sativa or indica by their heritage, some users simply prefer to test the effects themselves. Just as with pharmaceuticals, every individual’s physiology is different – and the effect of particular cannabis strains on one person could be entirely different on another. If you’re just starting out, keep a record of the strains you try and the effects they have on you. When you find one that works well, stick with it. Give a new strain a try today at your local Medicine Man dispensary!

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