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Marijuana Wax AKA Dabbing Basics

Marijuana wax is a powerful cannabis product geared for experienced consumers seeking an intense high. However, careless use of marijuana wax can lead to severe side-effects, so consumers must use the utmost caution.

Precautions to Take with Marijuana Wax

Marijuana wax has THC concentrations ranging from 70% to 90%, and it is dangerous to make. Only experienced budmasters should try to create marijuana wax; consumers should purchase marijuana wax from a marijuana dispensary instead. Dabbers should use small amounts of wax – less than half of the size of a dime. Dabbers should dab only in safe places with trusted friends. And dabbers should never mix marijuana wax with other substances such as medications or alcohol.

How to Dab

Two common ways to dab marijuana wax are by using a rig or by using knives. Consumers with a dabbing rig should use a blowtorch to heat the dab nail for 30 seconds, let the dab nail cool for a minute, apply a small portion of wax, and inhale. Consumers without a dabbing rig can use butterknives and the bottom two-thirds of a plastic water bottle. Dabbing with butterknives involves heating the butterknives over a stove, placing a square hole in the side of water bottles to hold the butterknives, placing a small amount of marijuana wax on one of the heated knives, stick the wax in the water bottle, sandwich the wax between the two hot butterknives, and inhaling from the top of the bottle.

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