This method of consumption removes the flower and gets down to business, separating out the terpene and cannabinoid-filled resin located in the trichomes, those little hair-like growths on the flower that look a bit like a crystal frost. The extraction process delivers a final product that contains concentrated amounts of THC and CBD (and a host of other cannabinoids that will be listed on the product label). While THC potency in flower might be 15-20%, this stuff can reach up to 90%.

Thus, concentrates are not typically advised for novice consumers. Consider yourself warned, and if you choose to proceed, just take it slow.

If you’re looking for powerful effects that you’ll feel almost immediately, a concentrate can provide the experience you’re seeking. It’s great for vaporizing instead of smoking flower and provides instant relief if you’re consuming it for a medical condition. Looking for taste? Concentrates with more terpenes offer a deeper, clean flavor to meet the expectations of any aficionado.

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