Like edibles, drinking your cannabis is much more stealth than smoking and doesn’t require any extra equipment like a bong or dab rig. This form of consumption is still ramping up as companies explore different ways to infuse beverages while providing consistent dosing and delicious flavors. However, cannabis drinks are a trending market with big players like Molson Coors and Anheuser-Busch getting into the game to bring you a refreshing brew that replaces booze with THC.

For now, there are quite a few options available, typically in the form of sodas, fruit drinks, tea packets, bottled coffee, even kombucha. Many people gravitate to drinks over other edibles because they tend to deliver full effects in around 15 minutes. Any cannabinoids they contain, whether THC or CBD, are somewhat sublingually absorbed while drinking, then digested faster versus a dense chocolate truffle.

Of course, the end result is being able to quickly and more accurately gauge your high so you don’t end up pushing your limits to the point that you’re not having fun.

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