The concept of “tinctures” is certainly not new, but today’s cannabis tinctures offer a very modern and effective method of consumption. Taken sublingually by placing drops under your tongue, cannabinoids and terpenes are absorbed into your bloodstream directly. It’s quick, discreet and convenient, no smoke and no long waiting period like edibles. You will also have better control of dosages with most products clearly displaying how much CBD and/or THC you’ll get from various levels of liquid in the dropper.

You’ll typically feel the full effects in about 15-30 minutes and tinctures last around two hours or more depending on your experience level with cannabis. If you don’t like the taste of a tincture, it can also be added to tea, juice, even your food, however, your body will first need to digest things and process the cannabinoids through the liver. This will delay the onset of effects for up to 2 hours, just like edibles.

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