Skin deep: why and when to use cannabis transdermals and topicals

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The human skin, just like the tongue, is a complex organ composed of an extensive network of blood vessels and nerve cells that perceive and transmit sensations and environmental changes. It can be also used to deliver substances into your bloodstream, especially cannabinoids.

If you’re a first-time recreational or medical cannabis user, transdermal and topical products can provide an easy, discreet method to try and enjoy the initial experience. Long-lasting and user-friendly, these products can be used for both leisure and therapeutic relief. There are, however, differences between using topicals and transdermals, and their effects and applications will vary depending on individual preferences.

Transdermal patches, for example, are small adhesives fastened directly to the skin, which provide a specific dose of CBD, THC, or a combination of both. Although marijuana use has been legalized in Colorado and other American states, there is still a stigma attached to its consumption. If marijuana smoke irritates you or others in your direct vicinity, patches create an unobtrusive method of consuming cannabis in a confidential manner.

Topicals, such as creams and ointments, provide surface-level relief for pain, soreness, and inflammation. Since they are not intoxicating, topicals are often used by patients for medicinal purposes – if you want the therapeutic effects of cannabis without the psychoactive euphoria created by other delivery methods, then topicals are the perfect products for you. Unlike patches, most cannabis creams, oils, and lubricants will not allow cannabinoids to breach the bloodstream. This is a very important difference in case you have to undergo any sort of medical testing.

Our Medicine Man locations across Colorado stock both topical and transdermal products to suit your every need. Feel free to browse our online inventory, or come to one of our local dispensaries to learn more about our wide array of cannabis products.

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