Wildcard Wednesday

Welcome to Wildcard Wednesday! This is where you get to pick from any Daily Special we offer during the week. Stock up on shatter, top shelf or private stock flower, even edibles and save big $$$.

*Cannot be combined with other offers.*

Medible Monday – Buy one, get one half off on all edibles.

Triple Tuesday – Choose 3 Top Shelf 1/8s for $45 OR 3 joints for $15. Tax not included

Cartridge Thursday – Buy one, get one half off on all Pax pods and 510 thread cartridges.

Fifteen Dollar Friday – All eighths are only $20 plus tax.

Concentrate Saturday – 2 grams of shatter or wax for $40 OR 2 grams of live resin for $70 tax included.

Soothing Sunday – Buy one, get one half off on all topicals and CBD products.