Sublingual THC: What It Is and How to Consume It

The type of marijuana product significantly alters its properties and effects. Marijuana users seeking quick, potent products often consider sublingual cannabis because of its high concentration of active chemicals and speed of absorption.

What Is Sublingual Cannabis?

Sublingual cannabis describes any marijuana product that is placed under the user’s tongue for quick absorption. Tinctures, sprays, and strips are common forms of sublingual cannabis. The mucosal membranes under the tongue allow the marijuana to enter the user’s bloodstream far more quickly than most other forms of marijuana. The activation time for sublingual cannabis is a sharp contrast to the 1-2 hours associated edibles and beverages, which must be digested for activation to occur.

How to Consume Sublingual Cannabis

Marijuana users must remember that sublingual cannabis is highly concentrated and quickly activated. Because of this, the best method to use sublingual cannabis is to start with a small dose and slowly increase the dosage until the desired effect is reached. For first-time users, applying 1 milliliter of the sublingual product is a good starting point. If 1 milliliter does not produce the desired effect, users should increase the dosage by 1 milliliter per day until the desired effect is achieved. Due to the potency of sublingual cannabis, users should have plenty of water and dense foods handy in case of undesired side effects.

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