Sublingual THC: What It Is and How to Use It

Marijuana is no longer just some drug that can be bought off the street. Since becoming legal, many recreational users have dived into exploring their favorite hobby—many with great success. Even medical users have experimented and changed how dispensaries have sold products, going as far as selling THC chocolate and then listing recipes for brownies or cookies on their packaging. Edibles have become a favorite for discreet use, and even oils are being explored for both topical relaxers and oral dosages. Now, we have a whole new class of possibility with sublingual THC.

Sublingual refers to a particular class of edibles, which must be administered in the right way to get the fullest effect possible. Often, their effect will change (dampen) depending on how closely you follow the instructions. These doses can come in varying types of forms, including tablets, edibles, oils, lozenges, tinctures, sprays, or flat strips that dissolve. Sublingual options are picked over others because they are relatively easy to take, as well as being a smaller dose in comparison with something like a joint. (They need to have a smaller dose because otherwise they would taste bad.)

So how do you use them? The answer will change depending on the type that you buy. However, there are some basic tips that we can give you for getting the best high possible; these are important, so keep them in mind.

No liquids until after: When you go to put the dose in your mouth, make sure that your mouth has very little saliva in it. If you wash away the dose into your throat and stomach, you might not experience any sort of high—and no one wants that.

Give them time to absorb: These aren’t your Flintstone vitamins. You want to pick a place in your mouth, either under the tongue or in the cheek, and you want to keep the does there until it absorbs by itself. This can take between 5 seconds to 15 minutes, so get a drink beforehand and keep yourself occupied during this time. It’s a good idea to wait for 10 minutes after it’s gone before you eat or drink anything. Don’t tongue the dose if you can help it.

If you have questions about marijuana, give us a call; or if you want to learn more about your options, read through our blog page, curated by budmasters, and backed by science.

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