Switching from smoking weed to edibles

Smoking marijuana is a standard mode of weed consumption in many countries where cannabis is legal. However, in recent years, edibles have become popular because they are discrete, and you can have them in public places without drawing much attention.

Initially, edibles were known as “party goods” and only consisted of baked items like cookies and brownies. But, marijuana dispensaries now provide an array of edibles, including gummies, chocolate, mints, bars, and lozenges.

If you’re thinking of switching from smoking weed to edibles, here’s what to expect.

  1. You’ll get a delayed high

Smoking marijuana is one of the quickest ways to get high as your lungs absorb THC into your bloodstream quickly. However, with edibles, you experience a high effect after 30 to 90 minutes of consumption. This is because the THC has to be absorbed into your bloodstream through your digestive system.

Unfortunately, your weight, gender, and metabolism can negatively impact how quickly you feel the effects of edibles.

  1. Effects last longer

Research shows that people who smoke cannabis experience a high that peaks for only 20 to 30 minutes, requiring them to smoke more often to have a longer high. Alternatively, with edibles, its effects last longer despite its delayed high.

For example, edible users have a high that peaks around for 2 to 4 hours and its psychoactive effects last up to 8hrs.

  1. You’ll experience a whole-body response

The ratio of THC levels in edibles is much higher than that of smoking because when cooking, one doesn’t control the amount of marijuana they use. Therefore, they have a more potent level of THC, which provides a stronger and more relaxing experience throughout your body.


Need edibles?

If you’re used to a quick high, don’t overconsume edibles, assuming you didn’t take enough. Instead, start slow and give it time for your body to respond. Head over to our marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colorado, to purchase your edibles.

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