An In Depth Look

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants, though many people commonly associate them with cannabis because cannabis plants contain high concentrations of them.

These aromatic compounds create the characteristic scent of many plants, such as cannabis, pine, and lavender, as well as fresh orange peel. The fragrance of most plants is due to a combination of terpenes. In nature, these terpenes protect the plants from animal grazing or infectious germs.

However, terpenes may also offer some health benefits to the human body. As regulations surrounding cannabis become less strict, scientists are carrying out more research into these possible benefits.


Vaporizes at 348°F (176°C)

As suggested by the name, limonene (aka D-limonene) has a citrus aroma and can be found in high concentrations in the rinds of citrus fruits. This terpene is believed to be responsible for the “cerebral and euphoric” experience, commonly attributed to some cannabis chemovars.

Also Found In:

Fruit rinds, Juniper, rosemary, peppermint


Elevated mood, stress relief