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All About Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are products made by removing the excess plant material and other impurities of the cannabis plant while keeping the most desirable parts, i.e. terpenes and cannabinoids. Therefore, they have a higher concentration of these two elements when compared to natural cannabis flowers.

Additionally, cannabis concentrates are a great way to increase the potency of your flower. For instance, before rolling your joint, try adding a few drops of concentrated oil to your cannabis flower. However, there are several types of concentrates in the market, each with its method of consumption.

Types of cannabis concentrates

The main distinction between cannabis concentrates is extract and non-extract. Extract concentrates utilize a solvent to remove the desired product from the plant, and they can be subdivided based on the consistency of the product and solvent used. They include shatter, wax, and budder.

  1. Non-solvent concentrates

These are cannabis concentrates produced with the use of pressure and heat alone; thus, they’re non-extract. While they may use water in their preparation, water isn’t considered a solvent in the world of concentrates. Some examples of non-solvent concentrates include kief, charas, hash, and rosin nash.

  1. Solvent-based concentrates

Solvents are liquids that dissolve a solid to produce a liquid solution. Common solvents used in the production of concentrates include alcohol, propane, butane, and CO2. Solvent-based concentrates are known as extracts, and they are classified according to their consistency (budder, shatter, wax).

Dabbing equipment

The mode of concentrate consumption varies depending on the type and consistency. However, concentrates are potent, requiring safe and effective equipment to consume them. It’s also not advisable to use cannabis concentrate if you’re a novice cannabis user.

You can consult a cannabis expert on the proper dabbing equipment for consuming cannabis concentrates. Medicine Man is a Denver marijuana dispensary that sells cannabis concentrates. Visit our dispensary near DIA (Denver’s airport) to learn more about cannabis concentrates and how to consume them.

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