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The Differences Between Indicas And Sativas

If you use medicinal cannabis from a marijuana dispensary, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with some of the differences between indicas, sativas, and hybrids. However, the differences between these strains are more complex than you may realize and will affect the high whether you’re smoking cannabis or taking it orally.

<h2>How do the effects of sativa and indica strains differ from one another?</h2>

Sativa strains tend to cause primarily cerebral effects, and they tend to be stimulating as opposed to sedating. This is especially true with regard to sativas that have a high THC content, which are likely to produce intense cerebral effects. Indicas tend to produce a strong body high and are sedating. They also produce a couchlock effect. Overall, these strains tend to be preferable for nighttime use.

Most of today’s strains are not purely indica or sativa. Instead, most of them are hybrids, which are a mix of both types of strains.

What type of effects do hybrid strains typically have?

Hybrid strains tend to produce effects that are somewhere between indica and sativa strains, and the specific type of effects depends on whether the genetics is closer to indica or sativa. While there are numerous hybrid strains already on the market, there are likely to be more new strains created in the future.

The strain is not the only thing to consider

Not only does the strain of cannabis that you choose have an impact on how it will affect you, but how old the flower is and how it has been stored will affect the high as well. THC breaks down into a cannabinoid called CBN over time. This compound tends to have sedating effects that are very different than the cerebral effects of THC. While there are numerous factors that will influence your high, one of the most important variables is whether you choose an indica or sativa strain.

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