The pros and cons of edibles

Whether you’re a beginner with using cannabis to treat medical conditions or you’ve been using it for years, consuming edibles should be a part of your toolkit in administering an effective dose of relief.

The benefits and caveats of edibles are typically given in comparison to smoking, which is the most common way to consume cannabis. A major advantage of edibles over smoking is the lack of combustion and inhalation involved. This makes edibles much better for your lungs and a potentially necessary option for those who have pre-existing breathing complications.

Another benefit to edibles is the duration of the effect. Because cannabis is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream from the stomach along with the carrier food and whatever other food is in your system, it can take half a day or more before edibles wear off. This can make them a great choice for long trips or light breakfasts, depending on how much functionality you’ll require for the duration.

Alternatively, taking edibles at night can lead to a restful and restorative sleep if the dosage is appropriate.

Edibles are also inconspicuous. It is sometimes difficult (or even unlawful) to smoke cannabis due to social or public circumstances. However, consuming edibles can be done with little-to-no awareness from those around you. If you’re in need of medication and unable to smoke, edibles may be the way to go.

Unlike smoking cannabis, consuming edibles does not generally result in rapid relief. The length of time it can take for edibles to take effect is the major caveat against this method of administration. If you need immediate relief, the best option is typically to smoke. If you can wait a half hour or more for a longer-lasting effect, try edibles.

Lastly, the effect of edibles is often different than from smoking. Rather than heavy psychoactive effects, edibles tend to result in formidable stress and body relaxation. This makes them an excellent choice for patients needing pain relief.

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