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Tips for Using Cannabis Topicals

One of marijuana’s greatest assets is the variety of ways that marijuana users can intake marijuana. Topicals are a marijuana product that users rub directly onto their skin. However, care must be taken to both prevent unwanted consequences and to maximize the effectiveness of the marijuana topical.

Apply Directly to the Sore Area

Marijuana users frequently use cannabis topicals for pain management. To achieve the best effects, users should massage the cannabis topical directly to the area with pain or soreness. Common body parts for applying cannabis topicals include the neck, joints, feet, wrists, and shoulders.

Clean the Area Before Application

It is possible for harmful debris and microorganisms to enter the body along with the topical’s chemicals. A full-body shower is not necessary, but cleansing the application area with a soft, clean cloth and lukewarm water and then thoroughly drying the area will lower the risk of infections and contaminations.

Perform Multiple Applications

It’s a common practice to perform two or three topical applications on the same spot in succession. Note, however, that excessive applications can have unwanted side-effects. Also, users should be gentle when applying the topicals in order to prevent injuries to the skin and muscles.

Wash Hands After Applications

Topicals often have chemicals that can irritate soft tissues such as eyes and nostrils. Hand-washing after applying a topical can prevent unpleasant surprises when hands touch sensitive parts of the body.

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