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To Grind or Not to Grind

There is no single answer to the question: “Should I grind this cannabis flower?” The answer depends on a variety of factors, with the most important item to consider being the intensity of the effect that the consumer seeks. Our budmasters will gladly provide complimentary recommendations based on the consumer, their cannabis goals, and the type(s) of cannabis flowers they intend to purchase.

Reasons to Grind

We recommend that consumers grind buds that are moist or sticky; attempting to break these buds down by hand will result in many of the active chemicals spreading onto the hands with no effect. Consumers who roll their cannabis into joints should grind the buds for an easier-burning joint. Consumers burning their cannabis in a bowl should grind to increase the cannabis’s surface area and cause an increase in temperature. And cannabis users who want to collect and use “keef” – the crystals on cannabis buds – should grind their buds and use a keef-catching bowl to ensure that the keef can be used with a future bowl or as a standalone product.

Situations Where Grinding Is Not Recommended

Dry buds can be broken down by hand without the risk of the active chemicals accumulating on the hands. Consumers who want a lighter or less intense effect can burn the side of a nug instead of grinding the nug and burning the resulting powder. And consumers who want to preserve the trichomes – crystalline chemicals with potent effects – should consider not grinding since the act of grinding damages or destroys trichomes.

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