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Trying Edibles for the First Time

Marijuana users seeking more variety and subtlety in their products can meet their needs with edibles. Edibles are nearly indistinguishable from standard food products, and edibles come in a variety of forms, including cereal, jerky, and gummy candies. However, edibles can catch marijuana users – especially first-time users – unawares due to their potency and their delayed effects.

Patience Is the Key to Enjoying Edibles

Edibles must be digested by the stomach and processed by the liver in order for their effects to manifest. This process can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours; users with higher metabolisms will feel the effects sooner than users with low metabolisms. The effects of edibles typically last between three and six hours.

Best Safety Practices When Using Edibles

Edibles have high concentrations of THC, ranging from 2.5 milligrams to over 10 milligrams. Because of the high THC levels, careless or unprepared users may face complications or problems. We emphasize the need for patience when using consumables; eating multiple edibles in quick succession is a terrible idea. However, having a marijuana strain with a high concentration of CBD available is an effective way to blunt the effects of the edible’s effects. We suggest that users of edibles refrain from partaking in alcohol or fatty foods before or during edible usage, as both can cause effects that are unwanted, overpowering, or unpleasant. Taking edibles with an empty stomach or after eating a meal low in fats can lead to a less volatile experience.

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