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What are cannabis topicals

Finding the right cannabis product for you can take some time, but there are a lot of options to choose from. You can pick from edibles, cartridges, and flowers to get high, or if you’re looking for a medicinal aspect, you can opt for CBD. There’s a type of cannabis for everyone: It just takes some testing. But another option you may not be familiar with is topicals.

What are cannabis topicals?

Cannabis topicals are products you apply to your skin and often come in lotion form, oil, balm, and sprays. Topicals are often used for medical problems like pain and swelling, but they can be used for other things too. Topicals are formed by mixing cannabinoids from cannabis plants into a lotion or balm. In fact, many people opt to make topicals at home by infusing weed into oil and heating it to activate the cannabinoids. They are also sold at your local marijuana dispensary.

The topical process and how they work

Because they come in lotion, spray, oil or balm form, topicals are absorbed through your skin. They do not absorb through the bloodstream like other forms of cannabis like smoke, vape or edibles. Instead, they latch onto CB2 receptors in your body and act as a more localized product for where you apply them.

Do topicals get you high?

Topicals, according to studies, are unlikely to get you high because they don’t enter your bloodstream. This makes it impossible for them to attach themselves to your brain’s THC receptors — even if you apply a large amount of topical to a given area on your body. However, if you do consume topicals through your mouth, you will feel some different effects but not as strong as smoking or vaping or eating edibles. In fact, many studies show that topicals don’t cause in a positive result in a drug test.

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