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What Is A Dab Pen?

Inhaling vapor is an increasingly popular way for marijuana users to consume their products. One product that can convert concentrated cannabis into vapor is the dab pen. For experienced marijuana users, a dab pen can lead to an intense cannabis experience.

Anatomy of a Dab Pen

A dab pen is often shaped like a cigarette or a vaping pen. The dab pen is an electronic device that heats cannabis concentrate, converting it to inhalable vapor. Dab pens’ sizes render them far more portable and discrete than dabbing rigs. Many dab pens are specifically designed for one type of cannabis concentrate – such as shatters, waxes, crumbles, and butters – though high-end dab pens can operate with multiple types of cannabis concentrate.

Benefits and Issues Associated with Dab Pens

One of the biggest draws to dab pens is the potential to customize the marijuana experience. Dab pens use different types of cannabis concentrate than vape pens, and dab pens can operate with higher temperatures. These features allow users to customize their cannabis experience. However, proper dab usage requires more maintenance and precision than comparable methods such as vaping and wax pens. And dab pens are generally more expensive than wax pens and vape pens. However, users with proper marijuana experience or guidance can achieve more potent, personalized effects by using dab pens.

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