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What Is Kief And How to Use It

The flower of the female marijuana plant holds most of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, the chemicals responsible for the highs or the relaxing effects of marijuana. Kief is a key component of the flower, and customers and bud-masters who know how to gather and apply kief can dramatically enhance their marijuana experience.

Kief’s Function on the Marijuana Plant

Kief is the marijuana plant’s resin glands, and kief contains the highest concentration of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. Kief is one component of the plant’s trichomes or “hairs.” The trichomes perform two functions for the plant: warding off herbivorous predators by invoking a strong psychotropic reaction and attracting pollinating insects.

How to Extract and Apply Kief

Marijuana consumers can extract kief from flowers by using a three-chamber grinder, though silk screens are recommended for extracting large quantities of kief. Successfully filtering kief will result in an off-white color; green kief indicates that there is excessive plant manner which will dilute the kief’s effects. A common way to use kief is to add it to other marijuana products – such as bowls, joints, edibles, and beverages – to enhance the product’s effects. Applying heat and pressure transforms kief into hash, which has a difference, flavor, and effects. Kief is also an ingredient in creating moonrocks, which are highly concentrated nugs.

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