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When in Doubt, Ask Your Budmaster

Due to the many forms and potencies of marijuana products, even a long-time marijuana user can get confused quickly. Fortunately, budmasters who operate in marijuana dispensaries can provide a wealth of knowledge and guidance to customers. With regards to marijuana usage, there are virtually no stupid questions to ask a budmaster as long as marijuana users are polite and eager to learn.

Beginners Should Notify Their Budmasters

One of the worst mistakes that a new marijuana user can make is purchasing and using products without the proper guidance. New marijuana users can benefit greatly from travelling to a marijuana dispensary and speaking with an experienced budmaster. The budmaster can determine what effects the new user hopes to achieve, and “beginner” strains whose concentration levels are potent without being overwhelming.

Provide As Much Pertinent Detail As Possible

The differences in forms and potencies that marijuana products have given them significantly different effects and properties. Whereas marijuana users do not need to divulge every aspect of their lives to a budmaster, information such as the desired effects, roommates (especially minors and others who may be sensitive to marijuana exposure), time restrictions, and general tolerance levels can help a budmaster recommend the best type of product with concentration levels that will benefit the user the most.

Medicine Man is ready to educate and serve new marijuana users at our four marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. In addition to the knowledge that our experienced budmasters can provide, our website has multiple pages with marijuana information, including basic properties of marijuana products, a FAQ, and a list of resources where users can learn more about marijuana, its uses, and its legal status. Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online form. You can also call or visit one of our four locations.

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