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Why do edibles affect me differently than smoking cannabis?

While many people assume that smoking marijuana and taking edibles have the same effect, this is not the case. In fact, edibles tend to have very different effects than smoked or vaporized cannabis, and there are several reasons for this. Here’s why edibles are very different than smoked marijuana:

  1. Edibles last longer than inhaled THC

While inhaled THC usually only lasts for 2-4 hours, edibles tend to last for 6-12 hours. This makes edibles a much better option than smoking cannabis if you are looking for long-lasting effects, but it’s also a reason why it’s extra important to be cautious with the dosage. A dose of edibles that’s too high can create a very uncomfortable and long-lasting experience. Therefore, it’s best to take a small dose, wait an hour or two, and then take more if the effects are too weak.

  1. The liver converts THC into a different compound

The liver converts THC into a slightly different chemical compound after you ingest it. Therefore, the effects of edibles are different in their overall character.

  1. What is the edible high like?

An edible high tends to be quite sedating, but it can also include strong cerebral effects. Some people feel that the edible high tends to produce a more intense head high than smoking.

  1. The strain you pick will make a difference

Indica strains tend to produce especially sedating, mellow, and body-heavy highs when they’re baked into edibles. However, saliva’s tend to have a stronger head high that comes with more stimulation as opposed to sedation. So, the strain that you pick at your local marijuana dispensary will have a major impact on the type of high that you experience from your edibles.

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