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Will the new ballot measure overturn Colorado marijuana legalization?

Mary Lou Mosely from Denver and William Behm, a Rocky Ford-based lawyer, submitted an initiative that challenges the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. The four-sentence action was presented in January 2020 and was sent for review.

The newly filed projected ballot initiative could revoke the section in the constitution which legalizes the use of cannabis for any adult (persons above 21 years).

These activists want to remove all mentions and legalization for the use of medical cannabis from the Colorado constitution. Unfortunately, attempts by the Marijuana Moment to reach either of the activists to learn more seemed futile.

Well, there is uncertainty as to whether the proposal will pass, especially in its current state. The four-sentence long proposal is shallow and leaves room for numerous questions. However, it is a clear indication that some Colorado citizens don’t believe marijuana legalization was for the greater good.

Contents of the proposal

The proposal starts with a claim that the use of marijuana should be treated as a state concern and that Article 18, Section 16, repeals both the personal use and regulation regarding marijuana. It further says the laws relating to industrial hemp or medical marijuana are not subject to change, and the amendment will be effective after an official vote declaration.

Will the ballot measure pass?

Legalization advocates in Colorado claim the measure poses no threat since no evidence can support the idea presented- which is that voters want to reverse the legalization. The Marijuana Policy Project deputy director, Matthew Schweich, commented to the Marijuana Moment.

He said that the presented initiative was misguided and would be futile. He further argued that the action was a way to take down the already successful and effective legalization policy which Colorado citizens fully support.

We, as a marijuana dispensary operating in Colorado, will keep updating you on the news relating to the marijuana industry in the State.

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